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New Blog!

 Hello loyal Betty Monroe readers!  We would like to let you know that our website is now up and running and we will be using the blog on the site from now on.  Thanks for supporting Betty Monroe and we hope you like the new site/blog!



Industrial Serger

Last week we stumbled upon a really great deal on an old industrial serger.  It belonged to a woman who was moving to Montreal and couldn't take it with her.  She was very upset to let go of it, but luckily she left it in good hands!  It works very well and is in good condition.  We also like that it looks sort of steampunk and awesome.

One year later

It's monday morning and the show is friday night.  The one year anniversary show of the Shadow Cats.  One year since we first started shadow casting Repo! The Genetic Opera [and since that day we've done one show per month at the Bloor Cinema].  So it's monday morning and this is when we get the news; Darren Lynn Bousman is coming.  Darren.  Lynn.  BOUSMAN!  Director of Repo! Director of this film which we have all spent so many hours watching, studying, recreating and performing.  He's coming to watch our show!  Feelings of excitement, nervousness, and anticipation, which were already bubbling, are now at a full boil.  And this is when we realize "oh my god, we have one week to pack the house!"

Rotti Largo in Gold, the original SC strip tease

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Love this


New Cast Photo Shoot!

A few weeks ago the Repo Shadow Cats had a photo shoot for our new cast! We've had two shows since our cast switch, where everyone changed roles, and they have both gone really well. I've switched from Blind Mag to a Hench girl and Laura switched from Shilo to Luigi. This shoot was only for the main cast so there aren't any photos of me, but the photos came out so amazingly that I just had to share them with you! I absolutely love everyone's interpretation of their character, through both their wardrobe and their performance in the show. There is quite a bit of cross-casting, since our cast is mostly female, which makes the cast change that much more fun! I especially love the pantless Largo brothers. Tee hee, enjoy!


For our end of semester project we had to create a dress, design a collection around the dress and present our collection a panel of graduates. I was lucky enough to get some help from my friend Nichola, who modeled my dress for both a small photoshoot and my presentation! I also made her a matching headband.  

Next semester we have to do the same project but are presenting it to a panel of industry professional instead of grads.  We also have the option of doing something other than daywear (which was mandatory for this semester).  Laura and I are both taking an evening/bridal wear elective, which I'm sure will influence our designs.  We will also be making a jacket or coat instead of a dress and we must make a minimum of two and a maximum of three outfits to show in our presentation.  We're very excited for this project!

Here are some photos of Nichola in my outfit...


Well now that it's been over a month since Halloween, I guess it's time to post about it. This year was a very special Halloween as it was the wedding of our good friends Kim and Alex! We've known this cute couple for a year now and it has always been painfully obvious they were meant to be together. The wedding ceremony took place at the Bloor Cinema, an appropriate venue for these film nerds and the reception was at the Gladstone Hotel.

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Annie Matronic

Today I discovered Annie Matronic. It was a good day.


Back in September Laura and I got the opportunity to do wardrobe on an independent horror film called Grace. Grace is a modernized retelling of the story of Albert Fish, a serial killer who was notorious for eating his victims, among other things. The trailer has finally been released, here it is!


Margaret Cho does Bettie

I love Margaret Cho.  I love Bettie Page. There really is no need for words...

Hope everyone had a wicked halloween!  Pictures of our costume will be posted as soon as we find some that do it justice.

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